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A dealership management system (DMS) is a information system created specifically for automotive industry like large equipment manufacturers. Crecer Digibots provide dealer management system to various organizations. The important function in our dealer management system is service & Call tracking.
It allows you to scan your paper documents and categorize them based on their content. It also gives you the tools necessary to organize and edit your digital documents. In a small office, File management software needs to be accessible to all of your employees, but you should be able to set up multiple security levels to control who can work with certain documents.

The Document management system is different from the other document management software we reviewed, it is very easy to implement in your office. File management in India improves the infrastructure and organization features nat
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ive to Windows Folders and expands its functionality to fit your business needs. Every change made to your documents is tracked and monitored, allowing you to stay on top of the work done in your office.

1) Secured Log-in – Three tier security logins. Independent logins for multiple institutions and their branches. Access control, four levels of document management (Create, View, modify, lock), encrypted data based among other security futures with electronic signature control for document release.

2) Web Access: - Independent browsers access.

3) Tracking of documents and folders – Independent tracking as well as institution tracking

4) Watched folders – over usage, tagged and frequently used or observed.

5)Download History tracking: - Track download history user wise and designation wise.
In addition to this the application will provide the users within the department to query about the status of forms based on various criteria and related information through web based queries

The Key components of the system scope in the Product fleet management are as follows:

1) Masters: Masters include Company Master, Branch Master, City Master, General Master, Group Master, Sub Group Master, Item, Product Master, Make Master, Part Master, Order Type Master, Payment Terms, Delivery Master, Customer Category Master, Part Type Master, Type Master, Sales Part Rate Master, Maintenance S
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chedule Master, Depot Master, Fleet Master, Set Driver Route, Route Master, Transmission Master, Engine Master.

2) Supply Chain Management: Inventory Management, Stock Management, OEM Warranty, Vendor management.

3) Workshop and Call Centre: Job Card, Packing Slips, Breakdown reporting, Scheduled maintenance roster, VOR, Material requisition & Issue, Call Register, Pending and Completed Calls, SMS search, KIT Assembly and disassembly, (One to many and Many to one) Intra and Inter Fleet parts tracking, Warranty, Scrap management.

4) Depot Management: Duty Roster, Budget Management, Overtime scheduler, Contract Management, Charting, Legal, Maintenance management, Daily Roster.

5) Finance Management: Chart of Accounts, Tax Mappings, Bank/Cash Mapping, Sales / Purchase, Various Ledgers, Bank books, Cash Books, Reconciliations, Knock Offs, Debit/Credit Notes, JV (Automated and Manual), MIS ( 12 reports), Trial Balance, Balance sheet, P&L, Statutory.

6) Reports: Operating Cost, Sectional Consumption, Driver Reports, Circle Duty, Transfer Duty, Overtime, Charting, Fuel consumption, Arrival – departure, Analytics (5 reports).

7) Integrations (IoT): GPS / VM Units on Fleets, Active RFID at Depots, Fuel Sensors, GeoFencing, Bar Code Scanner, Document Scanner.

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